Applications to the USA

An increasing number of Carthusians are now applying to American universities, either exclusively or alongside applications to UK or European universities. Mr Tink, Head of Admissions for North American Universities, sends the following letter to parents of all pupils about to enter the First Year Specialists (Year 12), to highlight important considerations for pupils interested in studying in the USA and Canada.

The Fulbright Commission is the US educational advisory service and has up-to-date information about applying to American universities. The annual USA College Day 2016 is being held on Friday 23 September and Saturday 24 September 2016, full details of which are available on the Fulbright website.Dr Jon Tabbert of Jon Tabbert Associates, an international educational consultancy, visits Charterhouse to speak to prospective applicants and their parents. He will be giving a talk, Applying to American Universities, on Thursday 15 September 2016 at 7.30 pm in the Lecture Theatre, to which all interested pupils and parents are welcome. There will be an American and Candian Universities Panel presentation on Thursday 22 September 2016 at 7.30 pm in Hall.

During the application process the HE & Careers Department provides a significant level of administrative support, including the provision of a school profile, the student transcript and the organisation of the references required by each American university. Mr William Tink ( provides advice on the content of personal essays and coordinates the letters of recommendation.

The Common Application is an online process which enables one application to be made for a number of universities, although not all institutions use this and instead have their own application procedures. Decisions for the majority of applications are made in the last two weeks of March.

If you are thinking of applying to American Universities you should contact Mr Tink or Mrs Wakeling in the Higher Education and Careers Department for more information on the details of the process.

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