Boarding Inspection Reports

ISI Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection 2013

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the Secretary of State for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010. This inspection focuses on the school’s compliance with the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools.

Please use the link below to download the Report:

ISI Boarding Welfare Inspection Report 2013 | PDF (334KB)

Boarding inspections were previously carried out by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), Children’s Services and Skills.

The previous boarding inspection took place in 2009.

Ofsted Inspection 2009

The purpose of the Ofsted Inspection was to assure children and young people, parents, the public, local authorities and government of the quality and standard of the service provided. The inspection was carried out under the Care Standards Act 2002.

Please use the link below to download the Ofsted Inspection Report 2009:

Ofsted Report 2009 | PDF (334KB)

Some highlights from the 2009 Report

The provision for ‘Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do’ is rated as outstanding.

“This is a good school, in which boarders’ welfare is promoted by a strong approach to countering bullying and child protection. Boarding staff have good relationships with the boarders, and boarders can list a range of people who they can talk to if they are worried or have concerns.”

“Very good welfare plans are in place, which ensure that boarders with a specific health or emotional needs are well supported.”

“The school provides good medical care to the boarders. Nursing cover is provided throughout the day, with a registered nurse on call overnight. General practitioners also hold a routine surgery at the school each weekday. The new medical centre improves on the good facilities provided by the current medical centre.”

“The school has good regard for fire safety, risk assessment and protects boarders from safety hazards.”

“A robust approach is taken to risk assessment, and these are overseen by the health and safety committee. High risk activities are supervised by appropriately qualified adults.”

“The school has a strong induction procedure, with very good attention being paid to the induction of overseas boarders. New boarders join the school a day before the rest of the school returns, and older boarders are assigned to support the new boarders.”

“The promotion of equality and diversity is good. There is a nominated person who is responsible for the arrangements made for overseas students coming into the school. Induction for overseas students supports all students to integrate well.”