400th Anniversary Portrait - Edited by Ernst Zillekens with photographs by Roger Smeeton

£15.00 ISBN:9781906507145

400th Anniversary Portrait

Charterhouse, A History of the School - Anthony Quick

£9.95 ISBN: 9780907383208

A History of the School

This book follows the changing life of Charterhouse from its birth in 1611 to its emergence as one of Britain's leading public schools. Fully illustrated.

From Cloisters to Cup Finals - Malcolm Bailey

£15.00 ISBN: 9781899163878 

From Cloisters to Cup Finals

This book covers the evolution of Association Football and in minute details reveals the part played by Charterhouse and Old Carthusians in that development, both on and off the field. 'One of the most important football history books written in recent years' (David Barber, FA Historian).

The London Charterhouse - Stephen Porter

£9.95 ISBN: 9781848680906

The London Charterhouse

The first ever history of the London almshouse and public school founded in 1611 portraying the cast of characters connected with Thomas Sutton's charity over the past four centuries.