FAQs Leadership & Financing

Is this move to coed a financially driven decision?

No – this is about the educational experience. The School is currently full and with more pupils than ever before; there is a healthy demand for the quality of education that we deliver. We are creating extra places rather than trying to fill existing ones. This gives the School the opportunity to take a confident and measured approach to changes, and the ability to invest in the necessary infrastructure to ensure success.

How much will this all cost and how will you finance it?

Our plans are wide ranging and span the next ten years. Costs will only be incurred for each phase when we have the correct funding and final plans in place. 

This ambitious plan will be funded via various sources to provide working capital as the School grows to its new size. It will not be funded by high fee increases but better management of resources, the development of non-fee income streams and where possible, donations.

As with all businesses, growth will give us increasing financial security and the ability to invest and respond to the changing demands that are placed on us as an educational establishment.

How is this process being managed?

The School has significant expertise within the Governing Body and the Executive Team, as well as the ability to call on external expertise where necessary. Over the past year, all aspects of the plan have been reviewed and the School has set up a group to manage the various work streams. Where necessary additional resources or expertise will be provided to support the Executive. The School has in place the expertise and resources in the Governing Body and executive team to plan and manage the investment and growth required.

What impact on demand do you think BREXIT will have?

The consequences of Brexit – and indeed the strength of our wider economy – will obviously have an impact on all schools. They are difficult to predict with any degree of certainty at this early stage of negotiations. We do not believe that leaving the European Union, if that is what ultimately happens, will materially affect our ability to attract top pupils and staff to the School. The School is in a position of strength to ensure that it remains one of the region's and the world’s leading schools and a part of one of the UK’s strongest export sectors.