FAQs School Life & Curriculum

What will going fully coeducational mean for academic learning?

We are already quite rightly proud of the consistently high standards of academic achievement that boys and girls demonstrate – at (I)GCSE, Pre-U and in the IB Diploma. We believe that this environment will be strengthened further by the arrival of girls in all year groups. An intake of additional able pupils with broadly the same academic range as the boys consolidates the strength in depth at all ability levels and in all subjects.

Healthy competition across a wider range of subjects in the Under School will add to the academic environment and encourage greater achievement.

We already carefully monitor the size of class, which varies by subject and year group. We intend to continue that approach. 

Which subjects will be offered to girls?

Charterhouse will be a coeducational school, all subjects will be offered to boys and girls equally and take up of each subject will be a matter of guided choice, where appropriate. Boys and girls will be taught together. Our curriculum evolves to offer new subjects as they become valuable and relevant in the changing world, but there will not be subjects that are only open to boys or girls.

We regularly review our curriculum provision to ensure that it is always appropriately engaging and stimulating for all of our pupil body.

What are the key benefits of going fully coeducational?

We have seen first-hand the benefits for both genders of our coeducational Sixth Form, which is highly regarded by both boys and girls. There are clear social, cultural and academic advantages, and we want to extend them to the whole community. With our move to full coeducation we aim to bring out the very best in both girls and boys, in all years.

The move to full coeducation involves an increase in the pupil roll. In itself, this brings benefits for pupils. With scale comes opportunity: yet more breadth and challenge for pupils. Varied perspectives and interests will flourish – to everyone’s benefit.

What will set your coed offer apart from all the others?

The same thing that sets a Charterhouse education apart from all others – a singular focus on equipping all our children with the mindset that helps them contribute something new to the world.