Headmaster's Awards

Awards & Distinctions

Throughout the Quarter, the Headmaster awards prizes to pupils who have been given a Distinction by a teacher for an outstanding piece of work.

The Greyhound Awards and other special named prizes are awarded to pupils at the end of each Quarter for their contribution and achievements.

Distinctions can be awarded for a single piece of work that is of a standard that could be published on the website and something that goes beyond the standard that would be anticipated by a pupil of that age.

Distinctions awarded in LQ17


Teacher's comments

Mohammad Harraj Outstanding preparation, participation and articulation on the question of the reunification of Cyprus at, and for, THIMUN 2017 leading to him being the main submitter on an overwhelmingly successful resolution.
Giovanni Dos Reis Montefiori  For writing a superb letter to an NGO in his Spanish mock exam. 
Elliot Blaikley  Super holiday essay on the Kings of Rome. Well done Elliot!
Anthony Gosnell  Anthony listened to an In Our Time programme for an hour, took notes and produced a good class presentation. All of this was outside the classroom. Well done!
Ngo Hang Chan Owen played the first movement of Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata in his quarter concert today. He played this extremely difficult piece with great panache, surmounting the challenging technical demands, and successfully communicating the expressive intentions of the composer to the audience. An extraordinary achievement for a boy of his age.
Samuel Newman Geography: Sammy has just presented a project about deprivation in Glasgow city. It was clear from this presentation that Sammy had put in a considerable amount of effort and was able to present eloquently without notes and without reading from the slides. He held up well to tough questioning at the end of the presentation from both peers and myself which further confirmed his research and understanding of the topic. An excellent piece of work all round and deserving of a distinction.