2018 Scholarships 13+

Scholarships for Entry in Year 9

All scholarships and awards (except exhibitions) may be increased by bursaries to the value of the full school fee in cases of proven financial need, subject to funds being available.


Foundation Scholarships | PDF (93KB)

The Foundation Scholarship examinations will take place at the end of April prior to entry in September. Five Foundation Scholarships are offered worth 5% of the School fee and a further five worth £1,000 per annum.

In addition there will be up to five Exhibitions, worth £500 per annum. These are awarded to those who show special promise in one particular subject or for a general performance that is sound, but below that appropriate for the award of a Foundation Scholarship.

In accordance with our Statutes there are never fewer than fifty Foundation Scholars in the School; they are distributed among the Houses.

There is one Reginald and Maurice Benn Scholarship for distinction in Classics in the Foundation Scholarship Examination. The value of this award is £1,000 per annum and preference is given to boys in whose case there is financial need. The Benn Scholarship may be held in addition to other Scholarships.


The Peter Attenborough ALL-ROUNDER Awards | PDF(238KB)

The Peter Attenborough All-Rounder Awards are for boys who are academically sound and fit any of the following criteria:

  • Approaching scholarship standard in two of the following categories: academic, music or art
  • An outstanding talent in a non-scholarship field, e.g. drama
  • A genuine 'all-rounder' with evidence of potential leadership.

Five awards, each worth £500, will be awarded annually. Four will be awarded after the selection day in March and the fifth at the end of a boy's first year at Charterhouse. These awards are for those who do not win an Academic, Music or Art Scholarship to Charterhouse or a Bob Noble Sports Award (see below). In the event of a candidate subsequently winning a Foundation Scholarship in April, he will relinquish his Peter Attenborough All-Rounder Award which will then be given to the runner-up.


Art Scholarships (13+) | PDF(128KB)

Two Art Scholarships are offered worth £1,000 per annum. The assessment will be held at the end of January.

 Design and Innovation 

Design & Innovation Scholarship (13+)| PDF(128KB)

One Design and Innovation Scholarship is offered worth £1,000 per annum. Gifted and talented young designers are encouraged to apply. Assessments will be held in early February.


Music Scholarships (13+) | PDF (131KB)

Up to three Music Scholarships will be offered worth 10% of the School fee and a further two worth £1,000 per annum. Tuition on one or two instruments is free for Music Scholars. In addition, two Exhibitions will be offered which provide free tuition on one or two instruments. Auditions will be held at the end of January.


Bob Noble SPORTS Awards | PDF (131KB)

Up to two Bob Noble Sports Awards, worth £1,000 per annum, are offered for outstanding sportsmen. The selection will be held in February.

PROSPECTUS and Information request FORM

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