Sixth Form Admissions

Around 75 girls and 30 boys join each year as boarders or day boarders, and become members of one of the twelve Houses. In addition to the eleven Houses for 13-18 year old pupils, there is a Sixth Form House, Fletcherites, that admits boarding girls and boys, as well as a few day boarders.  

Admission is by competitive examination and interview. Candidates are assessed at Charterhouse in early November and offers of places are made on 1 December. 

Candidates need to be academically able because competition for places is strong. As a guide, we would expect successful applicants to gain a high proportion of A*s and As in (I)GCSE (although the offers we make are unconditional). It is also important that new Specialists, as they are called, have the personality and confidence to flourish in a large boarding school. We welcome those with particular interests and talents in music, art, drama, sport and many other fields. 

Registration forms can be obtained from the Admissions Office from the beginning of the Summer term of Year 10, and should be returned by early October of Year 11 (the year before entry). We ask for reports from candidates' schools, so it is essential to inform them of the application. 

Selection Process

The selection day is a Saturday in the early part of November. All candidates sit standard tests (vocabulary, arithmetic and non-verbal reasoning) and two 45-minute papers in subjects of their own choice. Non-native speakers also take a 45-minute English test. Girls are interviewed in one of the Houses by a panel of the Housemaster and one or two other teachers, and boys are interviewed by a senior member of the teaching staff. During the day, candidates will spend some time with current pupils. 

Offers of places are received on 1 December and those who accept are asked to pay a deposit. House places are allocated later. There will be places in all of the twelve Houses for girls. For boys, there will be places in the Sixth Form House and in other Houses where there are vacancies. 

Candidates may indicate their preferences on the application form, but there can be no guarantee that they will be allocated to their preferred House. 

In some years, places may be available after the initial selection is completed. We admit late applicants after a similar testing procedure; however, it is advisable to apply at the right time to maximise the chance of success.

PROSPECTUS and Information request FORM

To request a prospectus and/or further information, please complete the Prospectus and Information Request Form using the link below: