Year 9 Admissions

Below is the Year 9 Admissions process for boys who are at Prep Schools in the United Kingdom. For boys who are at school overseas, please refer to Overseas Admissions.


Registration is the first stage of the admissions process and shows that parents are interested in a place for their son at Charterhouse. Parents are welcome to register at any stage, although the registrations will close on 1 October when their child is in Year 6. Parents complete the Registration Form and pay a non-returnable registration fee of £250.  Please contact the Admissions Office for the Registration form and payment details. 

ISEB Common Pre-tests and Prep School report

In the Autumn term of Year 6, we will invite boys who are registered with us to sit the ISEB Common Pre-tests at their Prep School. These are an age-standardised series of on-line tests in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Further information can be found on the ISEB website. We will look at the results of these tests in conjunction with Prep School reports and successful applicants will be invited to an Interview and Activity afternoon in the Spring term.

Some boys who have not reached an appropriate standard, but whose Prep School reports suggest they have yet to reach their full potential, will be offered places on the Headmaster’s List and will be reassessed during Year 7.

Interview and Activity Afternoon

In the Spring term of Year 6, we will invite the successful applicants to visit Charterhouse for an Interview and Activity Afternoon. During the afternoon, boys will be interviewed and will take part in three other activities that are designed to give them the chance to show their full capabilities and to experience a taste of life at Charterhouse.

Offers of conditional places

At the end of the Spring term of Year 6, we will make conditional offers to boys who have done well in the pre-selection process. These offers are conditional on success in the Common Entrance examinations (or sitting for a Foundation Scholarship) when the boys are in Year 8 and we expect all these boys to comfortably pass the Common Entrance. Parents will be asked to pay an initial deposit to confirm the place and also to indicate whether Charterhouse is their first choice school. 

Boys who have performed less well may be offered places on the Headmaster’s List (see below). 

Headmaster's List

The Headmaster’s List is for boys who have just missed out on places in Year 6 and also for boys who have registered too late to be pre-assessed in Year 6. These boys will (re)sit the ISEB Common Pre-tests and will be interviewed at Charterhouse. Conditional places (conditional upon passing Common Entrance) will be offered to those who are successful in this process. 

2019 Entry Headmaster's List

For entry in 2019, the ISEB Common Pre-tests will be in February 2018.

2020 Entry Onwards Headmaster's List

For entry in 2020 and beyond, the ISEB Common Pre-tests will be in the Autumn term of Year 7.

House Selection

Parents and boys who accept the offer of a place at Charterhouse will be invited to attend one of a number of House Selection Days during Year 7. The Director of Admissions will introduce families to two or three Housemasters, after which they will be asked to state their order of preference. We will confirm the House place towards the end of Year 7, once all the House Selection Days have taken place. We will endeavour to offer all boys their choice of House, but we are not always in a position to do this if demand for a particular House is high. Sibling and family connections are, of course, given priority and, in the unlikely event that we are unable to offer a boy a place in his chosen House, we will invite the family to come back to Charterhouse in Year 8 to visit more Houses.

Lesson Observation Mornings

These are held in March and October for boys due to come to the School the following year. Boys and their parents will be invited to see lessons taking place in all departments before meeting members of the teaching staff over lunch. 

FINAL Deposit

In November of Year 8, we will write to parents for the final deposit. If they have not done so before, this is the time when we ask parents to commit themselves to Charterhouse as their first-choice school.

Common Entrance

Apart from those who sit for a Foundation Scholarship, all boys at Prep Schools take Common Entrance and are expected to exceed the pass mark of 60%. We expect all boys to pass Common Entrance comfortably and indeed we never have more boys taking Common Entrance than there are places available. Common Entrance results are important because we use them to place boys in forms and sets when they arrive.

Boys at other UK Schools

Charterhouse welcomes boys at 13+ from other schools that do not prepare their boys for the Common Entrance exams, such as state schools and 11-18 schools. These boys will be invited to follow the same process as above, but their offer will be conditional upon them passing Charterhouse’s own Entrance Examinations in Mathematics, English and Science. The Charterhouse Entrance Examinations are held in January of the year of entry.   

PROSPECTUS and Information request FORM

To request a prospectus and/or further information, please complete the Prospectus and Information Request Form using the link below: