Browser compatibility

This site has been developed to work with all browsers on all platforms and be accessible to and usable to all visitors.

Assistive Technologies

This site has been programmed in standards-compliant XHTML and includes the option to skip navigation links to help those using assitive technologies.

Viewing Alternatives

In addition to this, there are high visibility and printer friendly viewing alternatives in place to accommodate the full range of visitor requirements. High visibility view offers a high contrast version of the website for visitors with reading difficulties and/or technological limtiations, whilst printer friendly view removes all decorative elements from for efficient display on paper.

Tab Index

We have attempted to create a logical tab sequence throughout our pages to allow for easier navigation.

Scripting & Plug-ins

This site uses the Adobe Flash plugin and other scripting for visual effects. However, all the content remains accessible if these technologies are unavailable.


This site does not use frames.


All content images used in this site include descriptive alt attributes.


Where appropriate, links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail.