Education in the Community

Charterhouse supports teaching and learning in various curriculum areas within the local community and these are outlined below:


Members of the Art Department regularly hold workshops for junior schools and prep schools in portraiture and identity, using photography and painting; painting in oils, acrylic and watercolour; ceramics and papermaking; drawing.


Members of the Classics Department teach Latin in local state schools, giving children who would otherwise have no education in the subject, an opportunity to participate in a Latin Club.


Charterhouse pupils are encouraged to participate in concerts within the local community, and in recent years a number of concerts have been given in aid of local charities and trusts in Godalming and in nearby villages. Regular contributions include the direction of both Senior and Junior Godalming Bands by a  member of the Charterhouse Music Department, and carol singing by pupils in the Robertson Nursing Home.


Members of the Science Department have been involved with 'Education in the Community' projects for a number of years.

A large part of the work at Charterhouse has been carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Physics in the important area of Physics teacher training. This involves developing and delivering workshops for students at local teacher training universities.

Charterhouse believes that this is important national work which has a positive influence on the day-to-day work with pupils at Charterhouse.



Summer Residential Courses

Charterhouse School Governing Body, the Institute of Physics (IoP) and Surrey University work in partnership to produce a free two week residential course designed to boost Physics and Chemistry subject knowledge. The course is run in early July at Charterhouse. The School's excellent laboratory facilities are put to good use delivering an intensive course that attracts about thirty delegates from different teacher training institutions and the majority of the participants take up teacher training in the autumn. A few more experienced teachers also attend.

Experienced teachers, university lecturers and guest presenters deliver talks and supervised lab work covering the basics of key stage 3 and 4. The delegates have an opportunity to meet recently qualified teachers during the evening sessions. The last day is given up to project work culminating in small teams presenting to the whole group.

These Summer Residential Courses have been running for many years with a dedicated team of teachers and technicians. The following feedback comments encapsulate the many hundreds that have been attained over the years:


The practicals were extremely useful and exciting. It was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. The presenters were amazing and were the highlight of each lesson. Special thanks to them and their patience with the students and their enthusiasm for chemistry.

All three of the speakers were fantastic – I can’t honestly think of a way to improve. Excellent presenters with sound subject knowledge and experience.

Superb teaching - lots of hands on experiments.  Exciting - lots of ideas to use with pupils.


Developed confidence in physics. Given a good understanding of the subject – able to teach at GCSE level due to revision exercises and practical skills gained from course.

Clear explanation by excellent teachers and really fun and interesting demonstrations and experiments. Very useful teaching tips.  Brilliant, most helpful and enjoyable. Wish my science teachers had been like this!

The summer courses are followed up in the autumn and winter by:

Saturday Knowledge Enhancement Sessions

Non-physics teacher training students need extra help to build their confidence before entering the class room to teach KS3 and 4 Physics. Booster sessions, held on a number of Saturdays in the Charterhouse labs, aim to help and encourage this process.


The Booster Physics Course

The Science department offers free Physics Booster Courses for teachers aimed at boosting Physics subject knowledge through insight and understanding of all aspects of Physics using SPT 11-14 resources from the Institute of Physics (IoP). 

There are ten different courses available:

  • Motion
  • Forces and motion
  • Energy
  • Energy quantitative approach
  • Electricity basics
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Waves and sound
  • Light
  • Maths for GCSE physics
  • Extra session if required

Email Mr Stephen Hearn for Physics issues and any other queries. 


From the very beginning Charterhouse's work in the Community has had a teacher training focus. This involves setting up workshops and delivering some extra subject training at the institutions. Charterhouse now works regularly with the education departments at Roehampton, Brunel, St Mary's, Southampton and Reading University.

Science Learning Sessions

The Science Learning Centres form the national structure for continuing professional development in science teaching. It is their job to boost expertise and ensure excellent standards in science education. Charterhouse has been involved in delivering hands-on workshop sessions at centres in London, Southampton, Bristol and Durham.

Easter Revision Course

A free Easter Revision Course for GCSE pupils is now an annual event. Up to 50 local State School pupils study Chemistry, Physics and Biology over a hectic two-day period. One session involves revising by doing experiments in the Physics labs.

State Schools

Charterhouse has two large partnership projects with local state schools including regular practical investigation sessions run in the Charterhouse laboratories.

Creating and maintaining a state/independent partnership works best when small groups of teachers from both schools work together, rather than creating a general link between the two schools. We have a long relationship with Broadwater School and The Park Community School, Portsmouth. Here classroom work is combined with teacher INSET.


As well as holding an annual Fives Tournament for local Cub Scouts, members of the Sports Department assist with coaching local rugby, football and cricket teams. The School’s playing fields and facilities are regularly made available to Farncombe Youth Football Club and the Surrey County Cricket youth teams amongst others.

Taster Days for local Schools

In July 2013, Charterhouse ran a pilot project for able children from Godalming Junior School. The children were given taster sessions in Latin (Dr Adonis), Creative Writing (Mr Wakeham), Printing  (Mr Monkman) and Fives (Mr Troy helped by Mr Barley). The day was a great success and the children enjoyed the activities. We are planning on expanding it for future years to include more subjects and to involve other schools in the project.