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 The Charities Committee is one of Charterhouse’s largest pupil-led societies, raising tens of thousands of pounds for voluntary organisations across the year. The Committee is chaired by members of the Sixth-Form, and the pupils make all decisions about which causes to support. Particular highlights of each year’s programme include:

  • the termly School Charity (three per year) – fundraising activities include bake sales, Mufti Days, Valentine’s Day presents, football matches, and the design of luxury Christmas cards and calendars;
  • the annual House Charities Programme, which in 2017 raised £20,000 for twelve amazing charities;
  • the Monitors’ Charity Dinner, hosted by our prefects and attended by parents and special guests, which over the past two years has raised almost £35,000 for medical charity FQMS in Palestine, and South Africa-based Mellon Educate;
  • the Pupils’ Charity Dinner, attended by Carthusians in their final year, which tends to support smaller, local charities (in 2018, funds were raised for Robbie’s Rally);
  • a vast range of individual pupil initiatives, often driven by their own personal interests and connections. In 2016, for example, a group of pupils raised £6,000 for the Syrian refugee crisis, while in 2017 another group raised funds for the first refugee family in our area. Pupils provide refreshments at school plays and Artifex events, to raise additional funds for charity.

A report on our most recent Monitors’ Charity Dinner is available here.

For more information on our charitable fundraising at Charterhouse, please e-mail

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