Master Plan

The following information and images set out the infrastructure master plan for Charterhouse. It was produced by Tim Ronalds Architects.

This is an aspirational master plan that looks some way into the future. While it aims to guide future developments it is possible that the needs and aspirations will change over time and as such the master plan will develop accordingly. All of the proposals will be subject to consultation and planning permissions from Waverley Borough Council. However, the School feels it is helpful to share the master plan to highlight the broad strategic direction of the School.

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master plan PHASE 1

Phase 1 allows the School to become fully co-educational with girls joining Year 9 from September 2021. This requires two new boarding houses (planning application granted) in addition to the girls' only boarding houses, established in September 2019 from existing facilities as an interim step. There are various other projects including changes to the Central Dining Rooms to provide an improved dining experience and a new café. Works are already underway to turn the Old Headmaster’s House into a new Reception for the School.

Phase 1 also involved pedestrianisation of the historic heart of the School. This is to improve pedestrian safety and general amenity within the School and remove cars to a car park adjacent (already has planning permission) to the Art Block. Planning permission for the pedestrianisation scheme will be submitted shortly and will be subject to consultation in the usual way.

Phase 1 includes all the works necessary to increase capacity to 960 with funding already secured.

Phase 1 Images

Central Dining Room 1
Central Dining Room 2
Pedestrianisation 1
Pedestrianisation 2
Pedestrianisation 3
Pedestrianisation 4
Boarding Houses 1
Boarding Houses 2
Boarding Houses 3
Café 1
Café 2
Café 3


Phase 2 is a programme of building improvements to provide better teaching facilities within the School. Charterhouse considers they are necessary to maintain the standard of facilities expected by parents and pupils. They are not directly related to the expansion but are generally required for the School to provide the expected standard of facilities and remain competitive. This work is likely to take place in the period 2021-2025.



Phase 3A would take the School to 1088 pupils. The School is by no means certain that it will wish to expand to 1088 pupils and it is a decision that will not be made for a number of years. However, it is sensible for the School to plan how it might accommodate further expansion. Two additional boarding houses would be required and an additional classroom block would be proposed adjacent to Girdlestoneites (also known as Duckites). Planning permission would of course be required for this further expansion at the appropriate time.


While the existing boarding houses are refurbished regularly, at some point the School will need to upgrade this accommodation to provide similar facilities to the proposed new boarding houses. This work is required whether the School expanses or not, and will not materially alter the number of pupils that the School can accommodate.


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