Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at Charterhouse

At the heart of Charterhouse is a commitment to the wider world. Please read ‘Social Responsibility at Charterhouse’, below, for further information on this vital aspect of our School life.

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History of Social Responsibility at Charterhouse

Charterhouse began as a school for poor scholars - their education wholly funded by Thomas Sutton’s bequest - and by giving the School his motto, Deo Dante Dedi, (roughly translated as ‘God having given, I gave’) there is no question that he expected those who benefitted from his generosity and his far-sighted philanthropy to give back to society in their turn.  Carthusians understand clearly that the privilege of a Charterhouse education brings with it a responsibility to give back, to help those less fortunate than themselves, and to give a hand up to the next generation. 

Social responsibility can be seen in a number of ways: in widening access to Charterhouse, to enable talented pupils from all backgrounds to benefit from a Charterhouse education; in a tradition of service within the School that means all our pupils make a meaningful contribution to society, whether locally or further afield; and in thinking creatively about how we can share what we have with others, in schemes like our programme to build capacity in Physics teaching in the maintained sector, or sharing our facilities with other local schools, or developing new ways to enable pupils from less privileged backgrounds to share in the wider enrichment of what a Charterhouse education provides for our pupils. In short, to ensure that the School is a force for social good, as our honoured Founder intended.  

Charterhouse has built strong links with the local community through the sharing of facilities and expertise. Our staff and pupils are involved in a wide range of activities, including teacher training workshops, booster sessions, GCSE revision courses, teaching and coaching at local schools and fundraising events for charities, to name but a few. This involvement is an integral part of the School’s ethos as well as being important to many pupils and teachers individually.

We also have a number of education partners both nationally and internationally. These relationships offer the opportunity to learn from each other, for example, through teacher and pupil exchanges, sharing expertise in teacher training and curriculum planning etc.

Charterhouse also aims to provide bursaries for boys and girls who fulfil the admission requirements of the School but whose parents cannot afford the fees. Awards may cover up to 100% of the School fees. There are currently 281 pupils who receive financial assistance or awards to help them attend the School.

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The School also continues to have strong links with Sutton's Hospital and Charterhouse in Southwark.

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