Ecole internationale de Geneve

Charterhouse and Ecole Internationale de Genève / International School of Geneva / Ecolint
Ecole Internationale de Genève is one of the original, pioneering schools to have offered the IB Diploma Programme in 1968: when Charterhouse was seeking to set up its own IB Diploma Programme it was natural that a school with such an established tradition in education should seek out another. Ecolint is comprised of three campuses although Charterhouse’s link with the school has predominantly been with the Campus des Nations – the newest of the three – which is located next door to the IB’s headquarters.

Over the last five years, Charterhouse has very much benefited from seeking out the experience and perspective of such a significant IB World School and many conversations amongst senior managers in both schools have been undertaken. We have also been regular attenders as the Annual Education Conference that is hosted by Ecolint at the UN’s International Labour Office.

Further to this, Charterhouse regularly exchanges teachers across all academic disciplines. Colleagues swap places and homes to take responsibility for each other’s classes which can encompass IB Diploma Programme and (I)GCSEs (both schools), IB Middle Years Programme (Ecolint), as well as Pre-U and A Levels (Charterhouse). There is quite a lot of preliminary contact as resources and approaches are shared by all parties. Although Charterhouse is a boarding school with a wider range of pastoral and extra-curricular responsibilities, teachers from Ecolint assume the normal responsibilities of a beak here.

The final weekend of the week’s exchange is usually based at Charterhouse, with an opportunity for both parties to reflect on their experiences within the classroom and beyond.

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