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Alone amongst the colleges of Oxford  University, Harris Manchester College has developed a unique vision of encouraging applicants who may be neither young school leavers, nor well-supplied with formal academic qualifications. Under the inspiring leadership of its Principal, Dr Ralph Waller, the College has offered a “second chance” to able older candidates who, through personal circumstance, misfortune, or lack of opportunity, missed out on the possibility of a University education. More recently, thanks to the educational vision of Dr Ralph Waller and the generosity of Lord Harris, the College  has established a network of intellectually aspiring schools, often in areas of social need; the Harris Federation. The College offers support and guidance to these “Harris Academies”, and is increasingly encouraging Independent Schools’ help.

Charterhouse’s Dr Christopher O’Neill has long-standing links with Harris Manchester, College.  He was a Farmington research Fellow at the College in 1995, and was also based at the College more recently whilst working for a research degree in cognitive psychotherapy at Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry.

In March 2012, Dr Ralph Waller asked Dr Chris O’Neill to speak to a group of teachers from Harris Federation Schools serving communities of social need in South East London.

Drawing on his experience of psychological research in Oxford and elsewhere, Chris O’Neill spoke about the psychology of excellence: “Outstanding Achievement; four things that make a difference”.

The talk was very warmly received and since then, Chris O’Neill has spoken on the psychology of Outstanding  Achievement  to an audience of teachers, Head Teachers and academic researchers  at the Farmington Conference in Oxford, and to pupils from Peckham, Brixton, East Dulwich, Purley and Crystal  Palace  variously in Oxford and in Purley.

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