The Hill School, USA

The relationship between Charterhouse and The Hill School, Pottstown, USA started in 1994 and has developed into a strong working partnership that has seen regular science trips (every year for over 10 years), a theatre trip, choir visits, football matches and a teaching exchange.

The science link is the most developed and gives Carthusians a chance to visit Ivy League colleges, world-famous research labs and sometimes meet Nobel prize winners, including the controversial James Watson. At Brookhaven National Lab we are renowned as one of the few schools outside New York that visits. This Lab allows our pupils to witness world-class science and engineering.

The important feature of this project is that it encourages interaction between pupils from different cultures, and this has led to pupils from both sides of the Atlantic developing long-term friendships.

The Hill-Charterhouse relationship also provides the opportunity for teachers at both schools to share the use of facilities and resources to develop curriculum materials and education projects.  We all have a unique opportunity because of our partnership.

For further information on The Hill School, please use the link below to their website:

The Hill School, Pottstown, USA | External Page

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