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Ardingly Shakespeare Conference

Flavia Velsasquez Cotini presented her essay entitled, Power and Gender in ‘Macbeth’ at the 2016 Ardingly Shakespeare Conference.

Flavia Velásquez Cotini | PDF

The Walford Prize

Every First Year Specialist (Year 13)  is expected to produce a written submission of between six to ten pages on one of the set topics. In addition, each pupil gives a ten minute presentation explaining the key ideas on their chosen topic.

A panel of judges decides the winner of the prize, based on the quality of both the written submissions and the presentations. Below are the winning submissions:

Sophie Johnson| PDF

Piyakorn Kridakon| PDF

Zhanna Kryukova 1| PDF

Zhanna Kryukova 2| PDF

Vladimir Mikulik| PDF

Krit Patarapak| PDF

Carlo Volpin| PDF


The annual Erasmus Essay Competition is a prestigious, inter-schools competition. Pupils are required to submit essays completed under exam conditions on a philosophical topic set by an external examiner.

The 2016 Erasmus Essay Competition was won by Charterhouse pupil, Ashley Jiang  for her essay answering the question, If the security services can access all our emails and phone calls, is it true that 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'? The examiner was the eminent moral philosopher Professor Jonathan Glover of King’s College, London author of - among other things - Causing Death and Saving Lives (1977).  Professor Glover noted that Ashley’s essay was both extremely well argued and rooted in a range of interesting examples including the German Democratic Republic and Shostakovich’s experiences in the Soviet Union. 

Erasmus Prize 2016 - Winning Entry by A Jiang| PDF

In January 2014, Benjamin Woolf won first prize  in open competition with pupils from Winchester College, Bancroft's School, Dulwich College, City of London School, Rugby School and Wycombe Abbey, for his essay on 'Consciousness and the Brain'.

CErasmus Prize 2014 - Winning Entry by B Woolf| PDF

Christopher Tower Poetry Competition

Masha Voyles (Year 13) has been named as one of the winners of this year's Christopher Tower Award.

The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition is the UK’s most valuable prize for young poets, the entrants must be between 16-18 years of age. The entrants were challenged with the theme of 'News' and the poems were judged by poets; Olivia McCannon, Kei Miller and Peter McDonald.

Bat Child Found!- M Voyles | PDF (262KB)

Edgar Jones Philosophy Essay Competition

In 2013, Benjamin Woolf was awarded First Prize in the Edgar Jones Philosophy Essay Competition established by St Peter's College, Oxford, with his essay, Can we know that other people are in pain?

The competition comprises two essay prizes in Philosophy, the top prize being to the value of £250, the second prize being to the value of £150. In addition to monetary prizes, all submitted essays which in the opinion of the judges are of a high enough standard will be commended.  The aims of the prizes are to give Year 12 pupils an opportunity to write about a philosophical issue and thereby, it is hoped, enable them to develop their abilities for independent research and thought and encourage them to apply for an undergraduate course with Philosophy as an element.

Can we know that other people are in pain?- B Woolf | PDF (191KB)

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