Sixth Form Curriculum

Year 12 & Year 13

The Sixth Form curriculum at Charterhouse is exciting, academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating. It provides pupils entering the Sixth Form a choice of pathways.

The main school-leaving qualifications in the UK are A Levels; at Charterhouse we provide a comprehensive breadth of subjects for those pursuing this route. We are an IB World School and also offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) which requires the study of six different subject areas alongside a common core.

Sixth Form Curriculum Choices Booklet 2024-2026 (For Current Year 11)Sixth Form Curriculum Choices Booklet 2023-2025 (for current year 12) Sixth Form Curriculum Choices Booklet 2022-2024 (for current year 13)Formal, public examinations for all academic subjects will take place in the Summer Term, at the end of the two-year course. All pupils who join the Sixth Form at Charterhouse will pursue one of the following routes:

1. The study of three A Levels, the Extended Project Qualification and an Elective

Universities traditionally make offers to pupils based on three A Levels, and the majority of our pupils will follow the three subject pathway. In addition, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) represents half an A Level and will be taught during the first year of the Sixth Form. The EPQ develops research skills and fosters academic independence, and, as well as supporting the A Level courses being studied, it is excellent preparation for university study. The Elective is a non-examined component, and supports the development of a pupil’s curiosity and interest beyond the traditionally assessed parts of the curriculum.

2. The study of four A Levels

The study of four A Levels is likely to be desirable only for a small number of pupils, most usually those who are studying Further Maths in addition to three other subjects. Those for whom the choice of four A Levels is suitable should bear in mind that we expect all four subjects to be studied for the duration of the Sixth Form. Consultation is required for any pupil who wishes to pursue four A Levels, and the academic team is on hand to guide such discussions. The option to complete an extended essay independently will also be available. Pupils wishing to retain a wider range of subjects should give careful consideration to the IB Diploma Programme.

3. The study of the IBDP

Six subjects are studied, with three of these taken at Standard Level and three at Higher Level. In addition, pupils undertake the Theory of Knowledge course as well as the Extended Essay. It is also a requirement for the award of the Diploma that pupils should satisfactorily complete the CAS Programme.

The important point to bear in mind is that all of these pathways are academically challenging and rewarding; they prepare pupils effectively for university, enabling applicants from Charterhouse to stand out in an increasingly crowded field. Whichever course of study is selected, every opportunity is taken to promote a genuine appreciation of academic disciplines as well as fostering life-long learning.

The virtues of these courses and their grading structures have been widely recognised and are very much appreciated by admissions tutors at British universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and the other prestigious institutions in the Russell Group. Further to this, the IB Diploma Programme benefits from widespread international recognition.

Latest IBO Evaluation Report

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) has been taught at Charterhouse since 2011. Every five years, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) reviews how every IB World School is delivering the Programme. The School has recently received its latest Evaluation Report, available using the link below.

IBDP Evaluation Report P2020 for CharterhouseThe School’s submissions to the IBO involved contributions from the whole Charterhouse community, led by Mr Simon Allen (Assistant Head Academic and Futures) and Mr Peter Price (IBDP Coordinator). In summary, the Report confirms that the IBDP at Charterhouse is being delivered to a very high standard.