International Baccalaureate (IB)

Charterhouse is an IB World School and offers the IB Diploma Programme. Since its conception in 1968, this highly reputed course of study has promoted international-mindedness as well as intellectual rigour and academic flexibility. It is likely to appeal to pupils who wish to develop these skills, as well as to those who do not feel ready to specialise in the way that has been traditional in this country.


Pupils study six subjects (including English, a second language, a humanity, a science and mathematics, as well as an arts subject or another language, humanity or science), with three of these taken at Standard Level and three at Higher Level (allowing for greater depth of study in those areas). Up to 7 points are awarded for each subject regardless of the level at which the subject is studied. In addition, three Core points are available for the quality of work in the Theory of Knowledge course as well as the Extended Essay. A total of 45 points is available overall and this allows universities carefully to differentiate an applicant’s attributes. It is also a requirement for the award of the Diploma that pupils should satisfactorily complete the CAS Programme. Further information about the IB Diploma Programme, can be found on the Charterhouse website and on the IB’s website:  

We aim to offer the following IB Diploma Programme:

Group Group Name Description Subject
Language A  Literature Native Language English
Language A  Language and Literature Native Language Chinese
Language B Second Language (intermediate) French, German, Chinese, Spanish
Ab Initio Beginner's Language Italian, Chinese (both as SL only)
3 Individuals and Societies Humanities Economics, Geography, Global Politics, History
4 Experimental Sciences Sciences Biology, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies (SL only)

Analysis and approaches

Mathematics HL or SL
Applications and interpretation
Arts and Electives The Arts Visual Arts
Electives Business Management, Chemistry (HL only), Economics, History
Theory of Knowledge Ways of Knowing  
Extended Essay Research Essay Own choice of topic
Creativity, Action and Service    

In addition, for a native speaker of a language other than English, it may be possible to replace a Group 2 subject with a school-supported self-taught language A SL course.

Availability of subjects

Charterhouse intends to offer all IB Diploma courses as published above. If, however, a course does not attract sufficient interest to warrant it running, it may have to be withdrawn. Any affected prospective pupil will be notified as soon as possible if this situation pertains. In addition, the combination of Economics HL and Business and Management HL is not available (although one HL course combined with a SL course in these subjects is acceptable).

Further Information

Further details are available from the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Robert Paler, email: 

For further information about the IB and its programmes, please refer to:

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