Under School (Years 9-11)

Year 9 (Fourth Form) 

Fourth Form Subject Booklet | PDF (376 KB)

The aim of this first year in the School is to provide a broad academic foundation and to start preparing pupils for the subjects that they will go on to take at (I)GCSE and in the Sixth Form.

All pupils study English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Latin and Greek, History, Religious Education, Art, Design Technology, Music, Geography and German or Spanish.

During their first year, the use of IT is closely integrated into the teaching of other subjects, and from September 2019, all pupils will study Informatics each week. Additionally, pupils gain much experience in using software as a tool to support their learning rather than as an individual academic subject.

Year 10 and Year 11 (Remove and Fifth Form)


All pupils study English Language and Literature, Mathematics, three Sciences (in certain cases a pupil will be able to study two of the three) and at least one Modern Language. In addition, each pupil chooses from a range of other subjects to study: these options include Art, Design Technology, French, Geography, German, Greek, History, Latin, Music, Religious Studies and Spanish. From September 2019, pupils will also study Computer Science.

Most subject combinations are possible and advice on suitable subjects is given towards the end of the Fourth Form (Year 9).

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