Career Taster Workshops

All Removes attend one full day of careers and skills education in June, directly following the period of end of term exams. Pupils are able to select three workshops to attend, each of which will explore a career and enable pupils to ask questions about the reality of entering a field of employment. These workshops are presented by consultants from Inside Knowledge, all of whom have been successful in a particular sector of work. This year, we welcomed professionals from a range of fields, including law, medicine, biotechnology, television and finance.

These workshops are followed by a chance for pupils to put their skills into practice in an interactive group work session, led by the Inside Knowledge trainers. Pupils work on a project in teams, developing an idea to present to the group, focusing on skills of teamwork, time management and public speaking. 

Remove pupils have enjoyed the workshops and find it a useful introduction to careers education, prior to the Morrisby tests and subject choices advice that follows at an early stage in the Fifth Form.

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