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Scholarships 13+

Scholarships for Entry in Year 9

Charterhouse offers a number of scholarships and exhibitions each year.

Some carry a small financial award, but primarily exist to recognise distinctive academic ability or a special talent and promise in Art, Design Technology, Music or Sport. All assessments take place in open competition and Scholarships, Awards and Exhibitions are awarded solely on merit.

Scholarships and Awards (not including Exhibitions) may be supported by bursary assistance as and when financial circumstances necessitate.


Academic Scholars (Foundation Scholars) at Charterhouse set a positive example to the academic life of the School through their enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity and drive. In accordance with our statutes, there are never fewer than fifty Foundation Scholars in the School at any one time.

The Foundation Scholarships are offered each year to those that exhibit a high level of academic attainment and intellectual curiosity in Charterhouse’s own examinations and interview, which take place at the end of April, prior to entry in September. Exhibitions are awarded to those who show special promise in one particular subject or for a general performance that is sound but below that appropriate for the award of a Foundation Scholarship.

Candidates sit examinations in Mathematics, English, Science and three other subjects chosen from French, Latin, Geography, Additional Mathematics and History. In addition, Greek may also be taken.

The Reginald and Maurice Benn Scholarship for distinction in Classics in the Foundation Scholarship Examination is offered annually and this award may be held in additional to other Scholarships.

 Art and/or Design Technology

Art and/or Design Technology Scholarship assessments are held in January prior to entry and candidates will be invited to bring a portfolio of work with them and will undertake a practical assessment.


Music Scholars at Charterhouse are recognised for their special talent and potential and enjoy a busy and challenging programme. Music Scholars and Exhibitioners can receive free music lessons in their chosen instrument/s.

Auditions are held at the end of January prior to entry.


Assessment for Sports Awards are held in January prior to entry and will include a combination of references, interview and the opportunity to demonstrate sporting skills.

All-Rounder Awards

These awards are for candidates who are yet to excel in their chosen area but show talent, potential and leadership skills in Art, Music, Drama or Sport.

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