A New Science And Mathematics Centre

The School has bold and ambitious plans to create a new Science and Mathematics Centre, providing our pupils with the best facilities of any school in the UK and revolutionising the way these subjects are taught at Charterhouse.

Planning permission was granted in February 2016 and the construction of the first phase, new Chemistry facilities, began in January 2017.

The new Chemistry building will open in September 2018 providing 7 new chemistry laboratories, 5 teaching rooms, 2 preparation rooms and a project research room. This is a significant project for the School and it will be an impressive addition to our facilities when completed, providing a world-class learning environment for future generations of our pupils.

The latest photographs showing the progress of the construction are below.


Science and Mathematics underpin every aspect of modern life, and future technological, economic and cultural progress will be driven by societies with high levels of mathematical and scientific expertise.

Charterhouse’s experience shows that inspirational teaching can succeed in persuading ever greater numbers of pupils to study and succeed in Science and Mathematics. Our examination results are outstanding and more pupils go on to read Science at university than any other subject.

Growing numbers of pupils choosing to study these subjects mean we urgently need additional laboratory and teaching space of the highest quality, and as part of our commitment to academic excellence we have developed plans for a new Centre in which Science and Mathematics will be co-located for the first time.

The Plan

Our plans have been shaped by significant changes in the way that Science and Mathematics are being taught at university, with much greater emphasis on inter-disciplinary collaborations across subject boundaries. It is important that we mirror these developments, thereby preparing our pupils for university and for the collaborative careers that lie ahead of them.

The new Centre will provide:

  • 50% more space overall
  • A flexible modern environment of the highest quality
  • The co-location of Science and Mathematics for the first time, fostering inter-departmental collaboration.

The Impact

Our new facilities will have a direct impact on the way current and future generations of pupils study:

  • An environment that actively encourages innovation and creative inter-disciplinary collaboration, resulting in a richer and more stimulating pupil experience and even better academic results
  • More scope to innovate in the development of new teaching methods, ensuring Charterhouse continues to lead the way academically
  • Additional space for practical work and the potential to introduce longer-running experiments which will no longer need to be dismantled at the end of each class
  • Space to expand our nationally significant partnerships with Science teachers in the state sector.


Construction of the new Chemistry building will cost £10.2m and is due for completion by September 2018.

The School will invest upto £6.7m in constructing this facility, and a fundraising campaign has been launched to raise the remaining £3.5m from OCs, parents and friends of the School.

  Estimated Cost  Completion
Chemistry Wing £10.2m September 2018

If you would like more information about the project, please contact:

Chris Hibbs
Foundation Director
+44 (0)1483 291732
Charterhouse, Godalming, GU7 2DX

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