Luke Liddle G09


I struggle to believe it is 11 years since I left Charterhouse, even more strange to think it is 16 years since I started as an overwhelmed Fourth! One thing you cannot truly appreciate when you are at the School is the privilege of being able to learn in such a historic environment.

Looking back, I think of walking through the cloisters to lessons, playing football on Big Ground (probably the most picturesque school football pitch in the country) and having the freedom to roam the grounds during Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

After leaving Charterhouse, I studied a BA and then MSc in Geography and Economics at the University of Sheffield. Perhaps not the typical OC University choice! However, going to a University outside of the public-school bubble was of huge value – broadening horizons and making you realise very quickly just how unique it is to study at a school like Charterhouse.

This realisation provided the inspiration to the career I find myself in today.

I run the Independent Schools Cultural Alliance (ISCA), bringing 12-15 year old students from around the globe to southern England for three weeks every summer and to Scotland for New Years!
When the students are with us they learn by visiting the plethora of cultural and historic sights on our doorstep, whilst getting that unique experience of staying at a boarding school.

We run two campuses, one at Cranleigh and the other at Charterhouse. It is amazing to think our students get to enjoy the same thrills of being at Charterhouse that I experienced 16 years ago. The look on their faces when we arrive at the School, looking towards Founder’s Court from the New Houses, makes you appreciate this unique environment – and to think I got to spend 5 years learning here!

For me a Charterhouse education was never about the academic grades, it was about educating the whole person. From public speaking to walking trips in Wales, from playing football in Sweden to performing in the BTT – these opportunities develop confidence and give you a platform to build your career. The best advice I was given, and I repeat here, “Charterhouse gives you confidence and presence – if you can harness that without tipping over the line to arrogance you will go far”. Never a truer word spoken.