Suzie Chick W98


One of my top memories of my time at Charterhouse was when Her Majesty The Queen, along with the Duke of Edinburgh, came to open our sports centre. There were lots of fantastical rumours flying around in the lead up to her visit about the need for heightened security, including one involving snipers on the roofs of the Houses! I was lucky enough to meet The Queen after playing netball during her tour of the centre. There was a comical moment where us netball players were all frozen mid play waiting for Her Majesty's arrival and then like magic, we all came to life for the duration of her walk along the viewing balcony. A wonderful memory which I will continue to treasure. 

After leaving Charterhouse, and following a year out, I headed to UCL to study Anthropology and Geography. Upon graduating I trained at a small city firm to become a chartered accountant. After qualifying, I joined KPMG where I specialised in Forensic Accounting. I worked on various projects including work with the Met police and the Serious Fraud Office. Upon turning 30, I decided on a career change and left KPMG after qualifying as a psychotherapist, to begin my own private practice. 

Many people comment upon the contrast of my two careers, but I actually see their similarities; both involve looking beyond the surface of things and both satisfy my avid curiosity about human behaviour. 

My psychotherapy practice has now been up and running for a couple of years. In non-Covid times, I work from my room in Bloomsbury, London, and from my private home in Richmond. I really enjoy my work and relish the freedom and flexibility it provides me. Aside from work, I enjoy running (slowly), baking (with mixed success) and meeting up with friends both old and new.