The Charterhouse community in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region is large, high-powered and vibrant. We have 550 OCs and 100 sets of parents of pupils in this part of the world, of whom 250 OCs and 50 sets of Charterhouse parents live in Hong Kong.

We aim to provide opportunities for this varied and successful group of people to meet, make connections, and enjoy each other’s company through a series of events and other activities organised by the School’s Hong Kong Board.

You can stay involved and up-to-date with the OC community in Hong Kong through the OC Hong Kong Facebook page hosted by Hong Kong Board member, Matthew Fong (R04).

OCs in Singapore can stay connected through the OC Singapore Facebook page, hosted by Kevin Cheng (L99).

If you have lost touch with a fellow OC, we can help you get back in contact.  Simply send an email to and if we have the contact details for the OC concerned, we will forward on your email to him/her.  Naturally, we'll also let you know once we have done so.

Updating your contact details

Charterhouse is keen to keep in touch with OCs and parents of pupils in Hong Kong and the region. In order to do so, it is very useful if you can provide up-to-date contact details (home and work addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc) using the relevant links below:

Please take the time to update your details today. We will then be able to ensure that you continue to receive invitations to forthcoming events, and communications about other activities, which will be of interest to you.

Any contact information you provide will be held securely by the School, under the terms of Data Protection legislation in the UK, and it will not be made available publicly or shared with third parties.