Mix it Up: Reverse Mentoring is a great way to learn new skills and gain greater understanding. 

Our Reverse Mentor Stars are more than happy to help and can share knowledge about technology, social media and / or topics of cultural relevance.  

Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie (R12), Ethics Manager
Arun Silva (G16), Digital Ad & Marketing Specialist

Small but Mighty: Micro-Mentoring is a great way to start your mentoring journey.

Below are just a few of our community members who are happy to be approached to begin a micro-mentoring relationship. 

Lisa Montague, Group CEO at Sanderson Design Group PLC
Ian Waller, Senior Audit Partner at Deloitte
Rashpal Hullait, Managing Director at Accenture
Jason Alexander (g85), Head of Digital at JP Morgan Chase
Nana-Ama Awuku-Asabre (G09), Management Consultant
Jim Bovill (V89), Oil & Gas Trading Specialist
Vicki Bradley, Alumni Relations Manager
Simon Chen (P89), Managing Partner at Lowndes
Zoe Garner (g93), Northern Europe Commercial, VMware
Caroline Marsh, Property Investor
Alex Munns (R07), Senior Partnership Manager, Chelsea FC