Charterhouse Art Network

The OC Art Society (OCAS) is rebranding to Charterhouse Art Network (CAN). 

The youngest member of the committee, Anna Monkman (the daughter of the much loved and admired Peter Monkman who has recently retired as Head of Art) has come up with the suggestion that the name “OCAS” is, in itself, somewhat redolent of glories past rather than ambitions future. In its place she has suggested, and we have decided to adopt, the name Charterhouse Art Network (CAN).

In sync. with this, CAN needs a new logo, something which truly reflects the cultural vibrancy and diversity of this venerable society. We have therefore decided to throw open to all OCs (not just the members of CAN) the opportunity to become part of OC history by designing a new logo for CAN. All entries will be gratefully accepted and considered and the winner will win the first CAN prize to be awarded of £100. 

Please, therefore, get designing and contribute your efforts to by 30 June 2024.

CAN will, in the meantime, continue on with its programme of events. This year we are arranging an exciting series in our usual fashion.

  • The institution of the OCAS Art Prize, which are awarded annually for various categories.

These prizes not only acknowledge the undoubted excellence of the Charterhouse 2YS Year 13) Art Specialists but are promoting the hope that the prize-winners and indeed all participants might be enthused into joining us. The 2023 winners, after an as always invidiously difficult decision-making process for the judging panel to reach, amongst such talented students, were:

o   Binmo Chen (Su23): Interdisciplinary Prize

o   Florence Leslie (F23): Artists’ Prize

  • The customary programme of interesting and fun events, four of which we like to organise each year. One of these every year is a dinner in the run up to Christmas and is always well-attended.
  • Next year we are hoping to stage our biannual art exhibition in the newly developed Art, Design and Engineering Centre at Charterhouse. This is open to former pupils, now extended to our prize-winners, including life drawing classes, visits to artists’ studios, galleries, museum  exhibitions, art festivals and many more.
  • We are active on Charterhouse Connect and we are setting up our own Instagram site, to disseminate news of our events and other interesting material to a wider audience.

In the meantime, we will look forward to receiving your entries for our logo design.