Leading the Debate

The fifth Charterhouse Inspires brought together our community to debate ‘The Future of Leadership.’

In this era of constant change the demand for leaders who can effectively navigate a complex future has never been more crucial. Our panel discussions explored the authenticity of leadership, leaders who are not managers, supporting different generational requirements in the workplace and many more.

Once again, the debate was led by the Head, Dr Alex Peterken who was joined by a fantastic panel of speakers: Kamram Malik, Nina Vere (C22), Rowan Manning and Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie (R12). We extend a huge thank you to them for their time and willingness to bring their knowledge and experience into this debate.

Many questions were asked by the audience prompting a lively discussion and debate. Topics such as ‘how to empower all staff to lead in their role’, ‘what will leadership look like in the future’ and ‘how to support those working as hybrid or home workers to enable them to feel engaged and to progress their careers’.  We would like to thank the audience for their insightful questions and for joining us at this event despite a train strike.

Charterhouse Inspires is our annual headline professional networking event. It is part of our networking programme which provides the whole Carthusian community with the opportunity to connect and build relationships with each other and with the School.

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