Success for Cheese Geeks!

Two brave Old Carthusians and self-professed 'Cheese Geeks' faced the dragons in The Dragons' Den last week. 

Cheesegeek was set up in 2017, by founder and OC Edward Hancock (P01) when he decided to leave the Fund Management world for the far less corporate and more exciting world of cheese! His mission was to make cheese less of an afterthought, 'anonymously bolted on to the end of an evening meal', and more of a focus. Cheesegeek was established so that artisan cheese could be sent out to everyone, in perfect condition, conveniently, with enthusiasm and to ensure customers remembered every cheese they tried. 

Fellow OC, Richard Simpson (R01) joined soon after as COO (Chief/Cheese Operating Officer!). Richard is in charge of the day to day running of Cheesegeek operations and is credited for bringing a 'positive attitude, love of meetings and general thirst for start up life' to the business. 

On last week's show, Edward and Richard took their business to The Dragons' Den, where they were able to secure investment from Steven Bartlett, who they are delighted to now have on their 'cheese board of investors': 

Many congratulations to Edward and Richard and all the very best for the future of Cheesegeek