Art & Design Centre

Fundraising Target: £2m

The new Art and Design Centre will be a focal point for innovation; our pupils will flourish in bright and inspiring spaces, where they will enjoy the freedom and independence of to pursue their creative talents. The new building will be airy, spacious and a buzzing hub for budding artists, designers and pioneers, and will enable all in the community to focus on the importance of creatively, the development of innovative thought and the courage to pursue original ideas.

In addition, the Art and Design Centre will provide a key platform in reaching out to other schools and the local population as a part of Charterhouse’s Outreach Programme. The new gallery space will provide a focus for pupils, teachers and artists to meet and share ideas, and will be a highly attractive venue for School and external exhibitions, workshops and lectures. In the forecourt of the new building, a range of sculptures and three-dimensional designs will be displayed.

The Centrality of Design and Engineering

Engineers and designers are becoming crucial for the economy and workplace of the future as governments, commerce and industry collaborate to solve the major technical and environmental challenges of our age. We will seek to teach our pupils the necessary fusion of technical expertise (in both engineering and fashion design) and pragmatic, collaborative problem-solving that is required in the dynamic 21st century workplace.

The Art and Design Centre will contain a dedicated space for Design Engineering, housing specialist tools and materials, where our Carthusian designers, engineers, physicists and computer scientists will engage in genuine research-based STEM projects, nurturing in our pupils the creative problem-solving skills that are so in demand by university employers. The new facility will house 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers as well as a CAD-CAM IT suite and will be overseen by a dedicated team of specialists who have a focus on sustainable design solutions for the future.

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