Business and Leadership Hub

Business and Leadership Hub - Target: £2M

Our new Business and Leadership Hub, located in the heart of the School, will include a technology-rich seminar-style lecture space (for up to 50 pupils), and a Video Conference Suite to enable pupils to participate in webinars, dial-in conferences, distance learning and other on-line resources. Complementing this new space, our existing 1980’s lecture theatre will be renovated to provide a traditional auditorium for 180 pupils for lectures in a modern, comfortable and technologically rich environment.

A modern and progressive Charterhouse education will prepare all Carthusians for life beyond School in the fullest sense, focusing on equipping them for an ever-changing business life and work place. The transition from School to University and then into the workplace has never been more challenging for young people.

Our Business and Leadership Hub will enable our pupils to develop their communication skills for business and the work place, equipping them with the ability to present, persuade, pitch and debate, within a state-of-the-art facility that encourages participation.

Beyond these academic disciplines, this discursive environment will be a space where core business, leadership and life skills can be explored by every one of our pupils: project management, problem solving, networking, delegation, marketing and data handling, both within and alongside our academic programmes.

This exciting new facility will provide the flexibility for varied configurations - for presentations (including modern digital AV technology and video conference facilities), boardroom style discussions and a debating chamber layout. Pupils will be able to practise presentation skills, and give and receive feedback from peers, teachers and video analysis reviews.