Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Centre

Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Centre - Target: £2.6M

The world of work and the wider society into which our pupils will enter has never been more challenging and complex than it is today. Being adaptable, creative, open to new ideas, and yet structured in their thinking will be the key attributes for those who can make a difference. Good communication skills will remain essential to all interactions, helping to build trust, negotiate deals, attract investment and gain employment opportunities.

To deliver on this aim, we are creating the Charterhouse Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre right in the heart of the School. A range of new spaces which will mirror the university and professional environments that pupils will progress into, focusing on the development of their skills for business and the workplace-away from the constraints of a traditional classroom.

Our new Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre is located in the heart of the School and will include a technology-rich seminar-style lecture space (for up to 50 pupils), and a Video Conference Suite to enable pupils to participate in webinars, dial-in conferences, distance learning and other on-line resources.

Beyond these academic disciplines, this discursive environment will be a space where core business, leadership and life skills can be explored by every one of our pupils: project management, problem solving, networking, delegation, marketing and data handling, both within and alongside our academic programmes.

Thanks to philanthropic support of our community, we have raised over £2.6 million towards this project. This enabled work to create the Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre to commence in Spring 2023 and the redevelopment of the Lecture Theatre which opened in October 2022.

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