Charterhouse’s pupils are amongst the most future-ready young people in the UK. The School’s FutureU activities are a central element of the Carthusian experience, aimed at ensuring pupils can proactively develop the transferable skills, professional knowledge, experiences and mindset required to thrive throughout their later lives.

The world is changing very quickly. The future workplace and career opportunities are predicted to change hugely in the decades ahead – who would have thought 10 years ago that becoming a Drone Traffic Controller could be a genuine career option?

In addition to our excellent taught academic courses and vibrant co-curricular programmes, it is vital that we emphasise the importance of equipping each pupil with a strong foundation and understanding of the transferable skills, professional knowledge, experiences and mindset that will be required to thrive throughout their later life.

The future workforce will need to prioritize adaptability and resilience, embrace change, be open to new challenges, and continually develop the skills that align with the demands of the job market.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

Soft skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability will be highly valued in the future job market. It will not just be about what you know but how you can apply that knowledge in diverse and dynamic environments. Today’s young people must become self-aware and agile learners, able to adapt and learn quickly.

These building blocks are embedded into the fabric of the Charterhouse experience, providing our pupils with an invaluable toolkit, alongside their academic results. Carthusians will emerge as confident, adaptable, and successful individuals ready to leave their mark on the world. 

Every pupil will access FutureU content throughout their studies at School via a dedicated programme as well as elements being delivered within the academic curriculum, co-curricular, PSHE and the Futures Team. Provision will also continue to be available for all Old Carthusians following graduation.

Our Award-winning team of advisors with successful business backgrounds lead our FutureU Programme. Find out more about our Futures Department.