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2 days of lessons swapped for networking

Careers Taster Day and CV writing workshops

Year 10 pupils set aside normal lessons for two days on 18 and 19 June, and instead learnt about a number of different careers, the future of the job market and how to put a CV together. On Monday, expert presenters were invited to talk to groups of pupils about careers in law, the medical profession, business, engineering, finance and media. Pupils were given the opportunity to complete little tasks which related to those professions, listen to current practitioners explain life in their chosen careers and to ask lots of questions. It was the first opportunity for many to network with adults and start the process of building contacts.

On the Monday afternoon, all the pupils completed a business challenge where they had to decide on the location of a music festival and work out how it could make money. Groups of six pupils then had to present their ideas at the end of the session. Key skills of teamwork, time keeping, communication, and decision making were all developed.

On the Tuesday there were a series of talks covering personal branding and communication, the impact of technology on the future workplace, how to research jobs and write a CV and an introduction to the Sixth Form Curriculum at Charterhouse. Pupils were given the task of picking a career from the day before and write a CV as if they were their future self-applying for a join as a 25 year old graduate. It is clear from the quality of the CVs submitted that the pupils learnt a great deal and will be able to take the skills developed into their future working lives.


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