A Journey Through British Engineering

A Journey Through British Engineering

Recently, selected Carthusians embarked on a Physics and Design Engineering Trip to Brooklands Museum, the historic site renowned for being the home of British motor racing and a hub for aeroplane design and manufacturing.

Upon arrival, the pupils were greeted by the world’s first dedicated race track, a testament to Brooklands’ rich heritage in motor racing. They learned about Brooklands’ pivotal role in the evolution of British motor racing and aviation, including plenty of the engineering achievements made on this very site.

One of the trip’s highlights was a simulated flight on the Concorde, 'Delta Golf', allowing pupils to understand the nature supersonic flight. They discovered that major parts of the Concorde's fuselages were built at Brooklands and explored exhibits on Avro aircraft manufacturing, revealing Brooklands’ crucial role in producing significant aircraft. A visit to the stratosphere chamber provided insights into aircraft testing, while sitting in a Harrier jump jet offered a thrilling pilot-like experience. Pupils also saw record holding cars built and driven by Old Carthusians including the 1934 'Barnato-Hassan Special'. The museum also showcased modern concept cars by McLaren, illustrating the evolution to contemporary automotive innovation.

The day was filled with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that complements classroom learning and will strengthen engineering aspirations. The trip to Brooklands Museum left the visiting Carthusians with a deep appreciation for British engineering and the legacy of innovation connected to their School.

Mr Philip Comerford, Teacher of Physics