A Visit from Professor Broers

A Visit from Professor Broers

History is one of the most versatile departure points for pupils considering university courses. Even those moving into unrelated areas will find that the intellectual skills fostered by the study of History – the ability to analyse, explore and communicate in a clear and interesting way – will be profoundly useful.

On Thursday 23 November Professor Michael Broers of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, spoke to the Trevor Roper History Society on the topic of The Great Reforms, 1800-1804: Salvaging the Revolution or Forging a Modern Dictatorship? 

Professor Broers has been working with film director Sir Ridley Scott as History advisor for the making of the recently released film Napoleon. Our Specialist (Sixth Form) historians were treated to both his history knowledge and a bit of Hollywood behind the scenes news.

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About Professor Michael Broers

Michael Broers is a Professor of Western European History at Oxford University. He is also the author of The Napoleonic Empire in Italy, winner of the Grand Prix Napoleon Prize, and Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny and Napoleon: The Spirit of the Age. He lives in Oxford, England.