Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

The sense of belonging felt by individuals within the School community is built on kindness and friendship. Year 13 pupils, Tatiana and Alessandra shared an inspiring message in Chapel on the value of kindness. 

Pupil-led sermons are an established aspect of Chapel life, giving individuals the opportunity to lead the debate amongst their peers, inspiring, educating and motivating each other.

Let's remember that kindness is not just about grand gestures or special occasions, but thrives in everyday moments.

Tatiana & Alessandra

Kindness is one of our School values and we often hear that kindness is a choice, and it is. It's a choice we can make every day, in every interaction, whether big or small. As twins, we've had the privilege of sharing our lives with each other, and we've seen how small acts of kindness can have a greater effect on a person than you think. Through our shared experiences, we've learned that kindness isn't just about being nice; it's about understanding, compassion, and support.
When one of us is having a tough day, a kind word or a comforting gesture from the other can turn it around. It's a reminder that kindness isn't just about making others feel good; it's about supporting and lifting each other up when we need it most.
But kindness isn't limited to how we treat each other as sisters. It extends to each and every one of you. In our School, kindness is what can turn classmates into friends, teachers into mentors, and a School like Charterhouse into a true community. When we show kindness, we create an atmosphere of trust, acceptance, and support. Whether it's reaching out to someone who feels left out or simply offering a friendly smile, small acts of kindness can bridge the gaps between people and create lasting connections... (cont.)

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