Biology Practical Exams

160 pupil hours of practical science in two and a half days

Sixth Form pupils have undertaken extensive investigative experiments in preparation for their International Biology A Level. Unlike regular A Levels which use a tick box approach to practical assessment, the International A Level has a practical exam which enables pupils to have scientific discoveries of their own in the school environment.

To help prepare for this, our Year 12 and Year 13 pupils have all completed a practice practical exam this week. This required them to use tests for biological molecules to investigate the sugar concentration in an unknown fruit extract. They have also been drawing, measuring and comparing mitotic cells under high power on our microscopes accumulating a total of 160 hours between them of practical work from Monday to Wednesday morning, plus the set up time from our talented laboratory technicians.

On average, pupils do better on the practical exam which is one of the things that solidifies the Charterhouse approach of experimentally focused teaching in the sciences.