Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks

Physics is a thriving department which enjoys close links with the University of Surrey. Three of our top Year 10 Physicists, Mine, Isabel and Alexandra were invited to join lectures and workshops promoting Physics as a University choice.

The day began with being introduced to key members of the department, who have a distinguished and varied background in the subject, while also meeting likeminded pupils from other schools; discussing concepts and recent developments they have been finding interesting.

The keynote talk by Professor Jim Al-Khalili CBE FRS explored the concept of wormholes and the ongoing nature of engaging the public in science, which was exceptionally well received. Being such a small group made it an even greater privilege to hear one the best regarded science communicators of our time, while also having the opportunity to ask questions about his talk and hear Professor Al-Khalili’s thoughts on other aspects of science.

There were Q&A panels with undergrad, post grad and admissions tutors. As well as a presentation by Dr Izabela Jurewicz, who explained some of her work in soft matter physics, using biomimicry of chameleons to produce materials which reflect on specific wavelengths. The applications of her work, including personal protective equipment of military and security forces.

There was also a demonstration in one of the University’s research laboratories, where pupils seen how materials can be investigated composition of radiation, each material producing its own “fingerprint”. It was explained how this can be utilised in nuclear forensics, providing the ability to trace nuclear material around the world.

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