Celebrating Gothic Writing

Pupils celebrated each others work earlier this week at the prize giving evening for the Gothic Writing Competition. A range of pupils across year groups entered and produced fantastic work showing off their creativity around the Gothic genre. 

On Tuesday 16 November, pupils attended a prize giving evening to celebrate their hard work for the Gothic Writing Competition. Unfortunately not all of the pupils were able to attend but it was a lovely evening involving listening to horror movie soundtracks, eating pizza and receiving prizes (book tokens). 

The entries were judged, and feedback was provided by teachers Charlie Hall and Emily Fisher. The entries were of such high quality that it was felt each pupil's work should be recognised. 

The competition submissions were allowed to be anything creative: drawings, short stories, a screen play, novel or poem. Some highlights from the pupil's work included a graphic/comic story and haunting poetry.

Congratulations to all of the pupils that entered: 

  • Mimi Fowler 
  • Eamon Lam 
  • Joshua Allen 
  • Bonnie Dong 
  • Jeremy West 
  • Stephen Tezik 
  • Emma Horner-Long 
  • Matisse Le Roch Platford 
  • Emily Xu

We look forward to hearing about future creative endeavours.