Essay Prize Winners

Winners of the Summer Essay Prize

If all of our cells are replaced several times over our lifetimes, what makes us, us? And has Brexit done irreparable damage to UK politics? These are just two of the intriguing questions pondered by our Fifth Form (Year 11) winners of the Summer Essay Prize, which was set and judged by the Depty Head Academic, Mr Simon Brian.

Charlie Harrison and Samuel Troy were joint winners and each received £50, whilst Joseph Eames, Elliot Blaikley, and William Jeffcock were named as “runners-up” and all won £25.

The boys have all kindly allowed us to share their essays with you below:

Charlie Harrison -  Essay Prize 2019  | PDF

Elliot Blaikley - Essay Prize 2019 | PDF

Joseph Eames - Essay Prize 2019 | PDF

Samuel Troy - Essay Prize 2019 | PDF

William Jeffcock - Essay Prize 2019 | PDF



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