Exploring German at St Paul's

Exploring German at St Paul's

A Level German pupils appreciated the exam skills focus and undergraduate taster session at a recent Sixth Form Study Day in London, accompanied by Mrs Barran, Mr Dawson and Mr Duke. 

Last Saturday, Year 12 pupils studying German took time out of their Leave Weekend to attend a series of workshops hosted by St Paul’s Girls’ School in London. This proved to be both a fun opportunity to socialise with pupils from other schools, but also extremely valuable in furthering Carthusian pupils’ knowledge of German.

Although we had to give up time out of our precious Saturday, I think we all agreed that they were more than satisfied with what was a wonderful day of practicing German at St Paul’s Girls’ School.

Viggo, Year 12

Early in the day, German Sixth Form pupils gathered in the main hall of St Paul’s Girls’ School where in pairs, and alongside groups of pupils from many other schools, they were sent to four different workshops across the course of the day.

These included one about the importance of having confidence when speaking German, a lesson in the intricacies of historical linguistics, an insightful talk from a Cambridge professor on studying German at university and a wonderful taste of German theatre.

The pupils particularly enjoyed learning about Althochdeutsch (Old High German) in historical linguistics and the chance to loudly express themselves during the exercise in German theatre.

Vielen Dank (thank you) Viggo, for sharing your account of the day.

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