Record number of A* Grades at (I)GCSE for 2018

Charterhouse celebrates 57% of subjects taken were graded at A* 

This year’s Charterhouse (I)GCSE results show a record number of A* grades: 57% of subjects taken were graded at A* (or the equivalent in the new 9-1 scale) and the figure for A* and A grades combined was 75%.

All of the Year 11 pupils at Charterhouse take a minimum of nine (I)GCSEs: fourteen pupils this year gained straight A* grades and a further 37 achieved all A*s and As, comparing very favourably with recent years.

Dr Alex Peterken, the new Headmaster, expressed delight at these results and congratulated the boys on their efforts, as well as those of the teaching staff in providing outstanding guidance and support.

Full examination results are available here.