IBDP Results

All our International Baccalaureate pupils received their Diploma qualification this week, and their achievements are being celebrated here in the UK and across the world.

Five of our leavers were also awarded the bilingual diploma. The worldwide IBDP average score is 30 out of 45 points, and our pupils scored well above this, with an overall average of over 38 points. 19 of our pupils attained scores of 40 and above, two of whom achieved scores of 44.  

Mr. Simon Brian, Deputy Head (Academic) commented, “we are so proud of how our IBDP pupils have progressed over the two years of their courses, not least given the huge disruption they have faced in their learning. They have worked incredibly hard and persevered, and they now possess a truly international diploma that has prepared them so well for the next stage of their lives at university. As an IB World School, all our teachers share the vision for how young people from all over the world can be educated to become effective and successful global citizens. We value the IBDP, its global perspective, its breadth, and the opportunity it affords to young people to develop as genuine forward-looking academic all-rounders.” 

View our Examination Results here.