Women of Special Operations in WWII

The inaugural 'Perception' lecture takes place on Thursday 16 September, with an incredible speaker, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) Alasdair Truett MBE speaking about 'Pioneers in risk, subterfuge and combat; the Women of Britain’s Special Operations Executive in World War II'.

The lectures have been created by Biology teacher, Dr Balasubramanian, who explains, ‘The lecture series focuses on the human condition - how we think and act, why we do what we do. We love psychology, neurobiology, human behaviour and much more. We operate at the interface of multiple disciplines and the lectures are geared at offering a holistic cross-disciplinary perspective on a range of contemporary themes. With girls now joining Charterhouse in Year 9, this is a landmark year in the history of the School. To celebrate this, I have put forward a unique proposition - a lecture that delves into the dark world of spies and of those courageous women who helped to shape history. The lecture promises to be exciting, eye-opening and thought-provoking.’ 

Mr Alasdair Truett will continue his series of talks to the Perception Society on matters surrounding adversarial competition, stress and creating advantage. For this week’s lecture, Alasdair will introduce the history of women in British Special Military Operations during World War II and explore the specific challenges these women faced in joining what was otherwise an almost universally male institution; the sacrifices and challenges they encountered as women doing such isolated and dangerous work; and the extraordinary successes that were realised as a direct result of the involvement of women alongside men in these strategically important tasks at a time of national peril.

If any staff or pupils would like to come along to the lecture on Thursday 16 September, please click here.