Italian Theatre Trip

Pupils watched the fascinating “Sabato, Domenica, Lunedí”

Pupils studying Italian journeyed to London to see an adaptation of the play “Sabato, Domenica, Lunedí” by the famous Neapolitan play writer Eduardo De Filippo.

The adaptation by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall tells the story of an Italo-American New York family in the late 1950s. As in the original play, the story takes place in the kitchen and dining room of the Priore’s family where Rosa Priore is preparing the “ragù” which will bring together family and friends on Sunday. The meal is spoiled by Peppino’s jealousy but, of course, by Monday everything is forgotten.

Our pupils flexed their language skills and learned that sometimes things have to go wrong before they can go right, even pasta sauces!