Law Society hosts Mr Nigel Farage

Read pupil Shiv Pillai's write up from the Law Society event that took place last week 

On a misty Monday evening, the Charterhouse Law Society and local schools gathered to watch Mr Nigel Farage talk about ‘The role of lawyers in the recent US Election’. A large number of pupils and teachers joined the Zoom call, tentatively waiting for Mr Farage to speak.

And then, it began. He started off by talking about the current landscape of British politics and then moved onto the topic which he came to talk about; ‘The role of lawyers in the recent US Election’. For the past few weeks, Mr Farage was commissioned by the Daily Telegraph to follow the campaign trail for the election. Unexpectedly, he took to the stage at a Trump rally, and tried to sell Mr Trump to the citizens of America.

Mr Farage highlighted what he sees as the problem with postal voting and then went on to criticise President-Elect Biden saying that he is too weak and unfit for the job of POTUS, whilst adoring President Trump, calling him a larger than life character and defending him at every angle. With the challenging questions asked by pupils, Mr Farage was always enthusiastic to back Trump and attack Biden. He discussed how, with Britain now leaving the EU, negotiations will go much less favourably with Biden compared to Trump. Farage referenced Obama once saying that Britain would be on the bottom of the list when it comes to trading during the referendum in 2016. Farage said that he believes Biden to think the same and to be equally pro EU. 

Mr Farage then talked about how he believes that on 20 January, when Biden is inaugurated, it will be incredibly hard for Trump to dispute that Biden has won. He believes that Mr Trump will not really be able to go anywhere in the courts in America as there is a real lack of evidence suggesting that Biden has been elected illegally.

Article by pupil Shiv Pillai.