Learning Through History

Learning Through History

The History department aim to inspire an interest in, and love of, the past, so that pupils will continue to read and enjoy history throughout their adult lives. A large number of pupils go on to study the subject at university in order to develop a career in Law, Finance, the Arts, Teaching and beyond.

Viggo, a Year 12 pupil, recounted his experience at a recent Tudor History conference:

On Tuesday 23 January, Year 12 and Year 13 pupils studying Tudor History embarked on an insightful trip to London’s Conway Hall to enjoy a conference that promised to be filled with knowledge, inspiration, and growth. After a bright and early start to the day, pupils arrived by coach at the conference shortly after 10am, where they took their seats in a hall boasting the title of the oldest surviving freethought organization in the world. This was a fitting backdrop for a trip about history, as pupils were very much surrounded by it in their seats.

Pupils were then introduced to keynote speaker Tracy Borman, a Tudor historian who lectured on the life of Henry VII and his establishment of the Tudor dynasty. Following this, pupils were guided through the essential exam technique required to tackle extract- and essay-based questions by A Level History’s chief examiner; a fantastic opportunity for Sixth Form pupils who are nearing crucial exams in the summer.

Overall, the conference provided a positive learning environment for pupils to refine their exam skills and broaden their knowledge of Tudor history.

Viggo, Year 12