Medical Mini-Interview Marathon

The medical applicants (medics, dentists and veterinary medics) are in the thick of their interview training. Following our launch event delivered at Charterhouse by the University of Nottingham before Exeat, we held our Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) training yesterday.  

Medical interviews test a wide range of competencies from academic to interpersonal, to ethical.  Increasing numbers of medical schools are using the MMI format where candidates are subjected to several short back-to-back interviews testing one or two competencies each. These can be traditional question and answer format, or role plays with actors. Following COVID last year, schools are very largely sticking to the online interviewing again this year. It is a very full process and can be a very disorientating experience first time through.

On Thursday 11 November, 22 candidates from Charterhouse and St Catherine’s took part in an afternoon of training comprising a full MMI mock with seven interviews, a group exercise and a group role play. Ten teachers from Charterhouse and St Catherine’s, supported by Dr Schreuder in mission control, gave over 150 online interviews followed by 150 individual feedback sessions, four group exercises and eight group role plays. The pupils were almost flawless with the timetable, and they did very well with the interviews and took away some very valuable learning points.

Thanks go to the teachers running the stations but in particular to Mr Warren and to Dr Schreuder, for pulling together a very complicated master plan of individual timetables and meeting links that ran perfectly - and to the IT for working!

Each desktop had a zoom call in progress. Dr Schreuder monitored whether pupils showed up to the
right zoom meeting at the right time.